Personalised and pREdictive Surgical Simulation for preCIse tumor reSEction


The idea originating the PRECISE project comes from the urgent need of researching, innovating, integrating and validating existing and novel 3D technologies in a new objective unified framework for enabling in the current clinical practice, patient-specific methods and tools for the training, the simulation, the intervention and the follow-up of personalized surgical approaches. Such echnologies include CAD, Reverse Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Presenting PRECISE

To research, integrate and validate 3D technologies in oncology practice. This is the goal of the regional project “Precise” coordinated by the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence in collaboration with the Careggi University Hospital, Meyer University Hospital, and the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese. The research activity, which will end in 2023, is being carried out with the contribution of the Region of Tuscany and the collaboration of the Gabriele Monasterio Foundation Regione Toscana CNR